5 Top Reasons to Use Custom Branded Drinkware

What a summer!

The first season of COVID restrictions was released and Britain experienced what they termed unprecedented heat waves. Topped off with the exciting Lionesses’ victory, this is one summer to remember, and it’s barely even halfway over!

The benefits of hydration and reducing plastic usage are well documented – on average, using a reusable bottle saves you from 100 disposable ones every year. Everyone has their own reason for switching to reusables – whether they’re concerned about marine life or fighting against single-use plastics; some people just love how fashionable these products are or need something versatile for different events. Festivals have been bustling so much this summer, many forget about promoting their brands in their next promotional marketing campaign; but there’s still time to do so!

Read on to discover some great reasons why you might want to switch to using a reusable bottle or cup.

1.   It’s better for the environment

The figures on single-use product waste are staggering. In the UK alone, every year there are approximately 7.7 billion disposable plastic bottles disposed of and of those 3.25 billion DO NOT get recycled. Enough disposable plastics to wrap around the Earth 19 times! Every year, the bottled water market in the UK alone is adding a whopping 350,000 tons of greenhouse gases to our environment. The sheer number of plastic bottles or mineral water bottles that can be found on our shores is remarkable so we must try to reduce, reuse and recycle if we want to protect our planet for future generations.

2.   It will save you money

The average cost of a 1-litre bottle of water in the UK is 65p while 1 litre of tap water is 0.1p approximately. That means bottled water costs 650 times more than tap water! Imagine how much money you can save when you drink from your beautiful Ashford single-walled reusable bottle instead – around 117 bottles per year which amounts to £76. The same goes for a reusable coffee cup; there are so many shops these days that offer discounts when you bring your own cup. You will have to provide a clean, secure reusable cup with lid, which needs to fit under the coffee machine at your favourite coffee house. There are plenty of great options out there including Turner stainless steel mugs, 300 ml double walled cups with silicone hand grip or Monet cups with a sliding sipper for convenience when you’re on the go. Plus, thanks to FREE tap water refills offered by over 20,000 British businesses, there’s an abundance of places you can refill them! What are you waiting for?

Tarn and Foldable Silicon Bottle

3. It’s safer!

Tap water contains chemicals added to kill off harmful bacteria. Bottled water doesn’t have these, so it’s more susceptible to bacterial infection once open. There has been some concern over reusable plastic water bottles containing BPA’s and Phthalates that might contaminate the contents inside. If you’re looking for a good option, consider getting something made from stainless steel or non-PVC/BPA plastics (there are lots of options).

The Foldable Silicon Bottle is one such excellent example; if you prefer something sportier though, check out the Tarn with its fold-down straw! Available in nine attractive colours.

4. Be Stylish!

Be ahead of the curve by being environmentally conscious. Bring your own bags to the supermarket, use a reusable water bottle – whatever it takes to make you an eco-conscious consumer. Survey results show that 27% of people would buy and use a reusable water bottle if they saw others using one too!

5. Convenience

Stay happy and hydrated no matter where you are. Choose the right insulated travel cup or bottle and it will stay cold until you’re ready for a sip (or two). Check out our range of stylish promo drinkware today!

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