The Samoa Notebook: Elegance, Quality, and a Promise of Sustainability
Samoa Notebook

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our latest gem to our environmentally conscious family— the Samoa Notebook! Born from our steadfast dedication to safeguard our precious environment, Samoa isn’t just another notebook. It’s a little ripple we’re creating in the vast ocean of sustainability and change.

Picture this: a notebook that envelops your thoughts, sketches, and scribbles, all while cradling Mother Earth gently in its hands. That’s Samoa for you, with its high-quality recycled paper and its impressive cover, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on quality while making earth-friendly choices!

A Palette Inspired by Nature


Samoa has an exquisite range of nature-inspired colours. Available in a variety of serene and calming hues, each shade is a gentle nod towards the beauty and tranquility of our natural world.

Within the Samoa, you’ll find white pages punctuated with grey dotted ruled lines, making it a dream for both the structured planners and free-spirited doodlers among us. Plus, with page numbering and indexing, organising your thoughts and ideas is nice and easy!

Elegance Meets Branding

The FSC® certified cover of the Samoa notebook, while being 100% recycled, still holds its head high when it comes to branding opportunities. Choose between a vibrant full-colour digital print, a classy foil, or subtle blind embossing to let your brand shine effortlessly and ethically.

And for those who adore a little extra personal touch, we’re all ears!  Insert bespoke advertising pages or wrap bands made from 115gsm 100% recycled white paper around your Samoa notebook. Voila! A promotional product that not only speaks volumes about your brand but also tells a tale of eco-credibility and responsibility.

100% Curated, 100% Recyclable ♻️


Every component of the Samoa notebook has been meticulously curated, ensuring that when its journey with you ends, it can embark on a new adventure by being 100% recyclable. It’s not just a notebook; it’s our promise that with every note you take, you’re part of a larger narrative – one of conscious choices and sustainable living.

In essence, the Samoa notebook is more than just pages bound together. It’s a pledge — to quality, elegance, and above all, sustainability. It’s a small step, a statement that tells the world that you’re ready to pen down your thoughts, ideas, and innovations, all while being kind to our planet.

Samoa Notebook Colours
Inside Samoa Notebook
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