Promotional cakes and biscuits.
Branded Christmas Sweet Treats

Have you considered sending out a gift box of promotional cakes, biscuits or mince pies to each of your staff or key customers this Christmas? With 55% of the UK eating cake at least once a week we have some effective sweet products to promote your organisation.

As Christmas approaches nothing spreads festive cheer throughout the office quite like the delivery of branded edible gifts. This is the perfect way to let your staff and clients know how much they mean to you and your business. With the latest government guidelines “work from home if you can” what could be nicer than delivery to your door of brand mince pies or biscuits! These will help create a positive emotional connection, not to mention put a smile on their face when they open the box.

These are available individually wrapped and delivered in bulk to offices, or in postal packs sent to home addresses, they’re the product for you wherever your staff or customers may be. Our packaging has now evolved to include the bio-degradable film on individually wrapped items and zero-plastic gift boxes.

Each moreish mince pie is filled with a rich mix of fruit, currants and spices. The pies are baked in a pastry shell and finished with a layer of icing and a branded logo topper. Deliver the true taste of Christmas to the people that matter most to you this year. They’re good enough for Santa himself.

Shortbread biscuits.

Have you seen our brand new and improved, funky range of Shaped Shortbread Biscuits? From Trees to Santa’s, Bauble’s to Jumper’s, we’ve got it all! All biscuits come personalised with your Logo or Message and are the perfect addition to your festivities this year. Individually sealed, in eco friendly, bio-degradable film, these are ideal for popping into Christmas goodie bags or to hand out at a festive event!

We know that you can’t be 100% prepared all of the time, a large order may land last minute with very little turnaround time, but don’t worry! We are flexible and will work with you on your needs. We have a Brand-New Santa and Christmas Tree Shaped Shortbread that our Christmas Elves can turn around in a quick time! Rather than being meticulously hand-cut like our other Shaped Biscuits, our new biscuit machine adaptation can produce these in bulk, at a much faster rate!

If you’d like to discuss your promotional merchandise, branded cakes or other edible merchandise and ideas to promote your business, speak to a member of our team today. We’re happy to help. Call us on 01234 344317 or email [email protected]